Consolidation Information

Multiple packages

Order items from different suppliers and send to our Miami Address

Consolidation to one single package

We will consolidate all your packages into one box

Save money on shipping

Save 60% – 80% on shipping fees with consolidation

After Purchase Procedure

Email Us​

Send an email with one attachment to Include the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Tracking Number
  • Belize Delivery Address
  • Expected Delivery Dates
  • All Invoices in one PDF Document

*All electronics should be declared in the email as additional fees may apply.

*All invoices must be emailed before the delivery date of items to our warehouses; failure to do so will result in non-responsibility for incomplete orders, lost or damage items.

  • It is highly recommended to ask for a shipping quote before the purchase of any electronic devices
  • All invoices must be emailed before the delivery date of items to our Miami warehouse; failure to do so will result in non-responsibility for incomplete orders, lost or damages
  • All Packages are inspected by the Belize Customs Department; if they do an “upliftment” for your items because they deem the package to be for commercial purpose or high value, you are responsible to pay the additional duties charged

Email Template Example

Kindly send us an email to with the information seen in the email screenshot. 

Consolidation Requirements
  • Items can be held for only one shipment with written notice; all items received on the second shipment will then be consolidated and charged 
  • All items not meeting the consolidation requirements will be charged individually- less than  3+ packages or over-sided | over-weight items 
  • A additional consolidated box may be required if all your items exceed the size of the largest consolidated box; you will be charged per consolidated box
  • If a box is small, but heavy and exceeds 10 lbs, it cannot be consolidated to avoid damages and will be charged separately
  • All consolidated items need to arrive at the warehouse the Friday  before the published shipping dates for that period. 
Retailer accountability

Ask your retailer to send items together and in the least amount of boxes. Joseph Freight does not take responsibility for small or inexpensive items being sent in oversized boxes from retailers. Joseph Freight charges based on the size of each box received. 


Got more questions? contact us for more information

  • The fee is US$20 per consolidation box
  • Small items that meet the largest consolidation box of 22X22X22 and which does not exceed the individual weight of 15lb. per item
  • They will be shipped and priced individually- based on its dimensions
  • Consolidated items will NOT be removed from their original packaging
  • Choose the option from your retailer that states to “consolidate your items into one box” or ask for the items to be packaged properly. We cannot be held responsible for how YOUR RETAILER packages your items. We are responsible for how we consolidate all your boxes once received.
  • Items will be held for ONE shipment only, dating the arrival of your first package which is equivalent to every other shipment date for delivery.

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